TDoR 2023 / 2022 / November / 17 / Mariela Jorgelina Romero

Mariela Jorgelina Romero

Age 58

17 Nov 2022
Berisso, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Possible suicide

Mariela Jorgelina Romero
Mariela Jorgelina Romero [photo:]

Mariela was found dead in her home.

Police are investigating the strange death of a trans woman , whose body was found in her home in Villa Arg├╝ello, in the city of Berisso . She was in the area of calle 71 and 123 and at the moment it is unknown what happened to her .

When a patrolman arrived at the scene , there were already several people at the entrance and one of them told him that there was a body inside, so the uniformed officers entered along with the niece of the victim, who told them that she had found her aunt . dead.

"She was lying on her back with her naked body, between the bed and the closet, in an advanced state of decomposition," a source explained to El Editor Platense. They also ensured that no damage was observed at the entrances to the house.

Regarding the deceased, according to what the niece said, she had depression problems and took pills. However, the cover of the cause is "investigation of causes of death " and the corresponding autopsy must be carried out , taking intervention by the Cuarta de Berisso police station.

Report added: 17 Nov 2022. Last updated: 9 Nov 2023

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