TDoR 2023 / 2022 / November / 11 / Name Unknown

Name Unknown

Age 19

11 Nov 2022
Caucaia, Ceará (Brazil)

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Name Unknown

The victim was killed after being abducted from a beauty salon by two men. Her identity was not released.

Two suspects were arrested in late March 2023.

Two men were arrested on suspicion of killing a 19-year-old transsexual woman in the city of Caucaia, in the Metropolitan Region of Fortaleza. The captures of those investigated took place on Tuesday (28) and Wednesday (29).

According to the Secretariat of Public Security and Social Defense, the crime took place in November 2022. The victim, whose identity was not released, was receiving care at a beauty salon when she was forcibly removed from the scene. The girl's body was found two days later.

“The investigations, so far, point out that the crime was committed due to conflicts between criminal groups”, informed the Secretariat.

On Tuesday, Francisco Cliber Rodrigues de Paiva, 30 years old, with a history of illegally carrying a firearm, was captured by the Military Police on a road in Sítios Novos, in the same city where the homicide took place. According to the Secretariat of Security, the suspect was in a car and when he noticed the approach of the police, he accelerated. He was captured near a river, and the vehicle used in the attempted escape was seized.

The following day the Homicide Unit of the Metropolitan Police Station of Caucaia located Danilo Silva de Araújo, 32 years old, with a history of drug trafficking and possession, as well as reception. His arrest took place in a property in the same neighborhood where Cliber was captured.

The arrests are the result of temporary arrest warrants, which will subsidize the investigation for homicide and concealment of a corpse, which is still ongoing.

Report added: 12 Oct 2023. Last updated: 9 Nov 2023

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