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Maël Eden Paufert

Age 30

5 Nov 2022
Strasbourg, Bas-Rhin (France)

Maël Eden Paufert
Maël Eden Paufert [photo:]

Maël died by suicide.

I just learned of Mael's death, he was part of several self-help groups and this one was one of them. Unfortunately depression took over...

I hope he found the peace he wanted so much to have.

I'm writing this post because this touches me, depression is something hard to fight and I've been fighting against it for almost 20 years... I feel so sad that he couldn't beat it ...

Rest in peace man.

Maël was pure kindness, immeasurably understanding. I will miss him for sure. He was a model for me, as for many others and I could never have thanked him enough for that. Thank you Mael, thank you for everything.

Today I am thinking of your loved ones, and I send them all my support.

Source: email

Maël was a student of cell biology and the physiology of organisms. His Facebook and LinkedIn profiles are and

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