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Kimberly Fernanda Mendoza Sevilha

4 Nov 2022
Cuautla, Morelos (Mexico)

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Kimberly Fernanda Mendoza Sevilha
Kimberly Fernanda Mendoza Sevilha [photo:]

Kimberly was one of 5 women (2 of whom were trans) found executed in Cuautla on the same day. She was found along with Renata Nicole Duarte Reyes.

They identify 2 of the 5 women executed in Morelos

They are Kimberly Fernanda Mendoza Sevilla and Renata Nicole Duarte Reyes, trans women who were found with the so-called coup de grace and handcuffed on calle Pradera in Colonia Cerritos .

The first to be identified was Nicole, 29 years old, whom colleagues identified as the founder of the Cuautla Diversity Collective. Later, relatives identified Kimberly, for which activists reproached the crimes against their companions and lamented the situation of violence to the population in general.

"The murder of our companions Nicol and Fernanda hits us all deep down, we lose some young women, fighters, Nicol the undisputed leader, who knew how to be the director of her group and they did not let her, like Fernanda , overcome the expectation of life of a trans person , they were killed by the bullets of hate, of patriarchy, of the absence of the state," they wrote on social networks.

In addition to them, the bodies of three other women were found yesterday morning on Calle de la Colonia Campo de Enmedio. The report was made around 7:00 am , when several black bags were found with the dismembered remains of at least three women. A drug message was left on the site . It was addressed to someone identified as "El Vara" and signed by "Lieutenant Rex".

So far the identity of these three victims is unknown.

Report added: 5 Nov 2022. Last updated: 9 Nov 2023

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