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Liz Hernández

Age 18

1 Nov 2022
Padilla, Tamaulipas (Mexico)

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Liz Hernández
Liz Hernández [photo:]

Liz's body was found in Padilla on Thursday 1st November. She had been missing since Sunday 16th October.

In municipalities of Tamaulipas and in less than 24 hours, a young transgender [woman] and a [gay man] have been found dead, in the latter case his death was violent, while in the first the results of an autopsy is awaited.

The events took place in the municipalities of Padilla and Altamira, respectively. Sources from the State Prosecutor's Office said that the transgender youth is identified as [deadname] Hernández, 18, known as "Liz."

The body was found late Tuesday night on a path that links with the Vicente Guerrero dam between the municipalities of Padilla and Jimenez. Due to the location, it was not until this Wednesday at noon that the officers arrived and confirmed the discovery of the body. Due to its state of decomposition the police could not detect if the young woman's body showed signs of violence.

Liz has been reported missing since October 16 of this year. The young woman had announced that she was going with a friend to the Vicente Guerrero dam, but from that point nothing more was heard from her.

In actual fact, the friend in questionsaid they did not know what had happened, assuring the family that they returned to the city and left her in a shopping center. An investigation has been started.

Report added: 4 Nov 2022. Last updated: 9 Nov 2023

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