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Bárbara Rafaela

Age 23

15 Oct 2022
Jaboticabal, São Paulo (Brazil)

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Bárbara Rafaela
Bárbara Rafaela [photo:]

Bárbara and her boyfriend José William da Silva Jesuin were both shot by a man following a dispute about payment.

Wagner Costa, 43, fled in a vehicle and was subsequently arrested. Bárbara's sister, who also witnessed the attack, said that after Wagner pulled the gun Jose tried to disarm him.

The mother of the trans woman shot dead along with her boyfriend during an argument in Jaboticabal (SP) over the weekend, Ana Paula de Sousa Sampaio asked for justice during her daughter's funeral, on Sunday (16).

The shootings, according to the Military Police, were carried out by a man who refused to pay for a sexual program with trans people, known as Bárbara Rafaela, 23, on Saturday (15). "It's difficult, it's a pain... the only thing we want is justice, to look for this murderer, because he destroyed an entire family."

In addition to hitting Bárbara and her boyfriend, José William, one of the shots hit Ana Paula's leg, who received medical attention as a result and has since been discharged. Her husband and a dog were also grazed by injuries. "I heard the noise of the shots. By the time I ran there, he had already shot my son-in-law, my son-in-law was already down. My [daughter], I went to hug [her], but he also shot my [daughter] in the chest and [she] died too. I was hit, my husband was grazed. It was a lot of tragedy."

After the shooting, the man fled by car and until the publication of this report had not been located. The case was registered as a double homicide and bodily injury by the 1st Police District of Jaboticabal.

Bárbara Rafaela's funeral took place in Taquaritinga (SP) on Sunday afternoon. José's body was buried in Promissão (SP), in the region of Bauru (SP).

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