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Violeta Marujoz

Age 26 (born 3 May 1996)

26 Aug 2022
San Luis Potosí (Mexico)
Not reported

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Violeta Marujoz
Violeta Marujoz [photo:]

Violeta was a well known influencer in Mexico. The circumstances of her death were not reported, but one friend claimed that she died after being attacked.

This afternoon, the death of the transsexual influencer and youtuber, Violeta Marujoz, who has not yet been given information about her sudden death, was announced.

Through social networks, a message was announced where they shared the news, as well as thanking them for having been brave to document their entire transition to belonging to the LGBTTQ community, even being exposed to criticism.

Although the causes of the death of the [26]-year-old girl from Potosí have not yet been revealed, one of her close friends spread on her social networks that it could have been an act of homophobia for which she asks for justice. According to the youtuber and friend of the influencer, @juanito_salas_cx, Violeta Marujoz suffered an attack in a bar as a result of which she remained unconscious until the day of her death.

On the other hand, there is still no statement or official confirmation that this is real and the authorities can begin to act with the proper protocols, for now her followers are saying goodbye to her through messages on their social networks.

Violeta transitioned in 2020. Three years earlier her video "La mamá de Britany" had gone viral:

Violeta's Instagram profile is

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