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Amanda Îaûara Ka'aeté

3 Aug 2022
São Paulo (Brazil)
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Amanda Îaûara Ka'aeté
Amanda Îaûara Ka'aeté [photo:]

Amanda was an indigenous trans woman who lived in the East Zone of São Paulo and was known for her research work on the Old Tupi language. Her death is under investigation.

Note of condolence, Iauara Ka'eté, Presente!

Today, August 3, we lost a great friend and the inspiration for an indigenous future.

Our dear Amanda Iauara Ka'eté, known for her iconic channel, Travesty Tupi, and for her research work on the Old Tupi language. On her page Amanda Iauara showed herself to be an inspiring student of the size of the Tupi trunk, the Tupinambá nation and the Ka'aeté people, including being the author of the blog "Reconstructionism Tupinambá" with her autonomous studies and also of her published book, "Não So New Ka'aeté Tales".

She has also been building on neutral language with other authors in the LGBTQIAP+ community and was recently published in the book Dossier of Neutral and Inclusive Language.

As an indigenous travesti producing intellectually in Brazil, she is a reference and leaves a very important legacy in the LGBTQIAP + movement.

  • Amanda Iauara Ka'eté her name will be remembered! *

Amanda, born in Alagoas, lived in the East Zone of São Paulo where she was found dead. The investigation and investigation is being accompanied by volunteer lawyers along with the records made by the police. Amanda leaves and leaves us with great regret.

The family is sorry. Especially her mother. Her body is being transferred to her home state (Alagoas) so that the proper ceremony can be carried out with family members. We sincerely ask for financial help to cover the transport of the body and funeral expenses so that our eternal Iauara Ka'eté may rest in peace.

Amanda's website and Instagram profile are and

Rede Trans Brasil / Observatório Trans / Projeto Travessia

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