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Isabella Sandoval

Age 32

7 Jul 2022
Rionegro, Antioqua (Colombia)
Not reported

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Isabella Sandoval
Isabella Sandoval [photo:]

Isabella's body was found floating in a tributary of the Rionegro river on Thursday 7th July. She had been missing since 3rd July.

Authorities of the municipality of Rionegro found the lifeless body of a transgender woman, who had been missing since last Sunday, July 3.

The official Rionegro fire department confirmed that this person was identified as 32-year-old [deadname] Estiven Peña, who was a member of the LGTBIQ+ community .

Jhon Fredy Montoya, firefighter commander of Rionegro, in conversation with EL COLOMBIANO pointed out that the body was found on Thursday, June 7 between 11 in the morning and 12 noon, behind the National Chocolates. “This person was reported missing on Sunday, July 3, and on Thursday the 7th, after having been missing for 72 hours, a search was carried out and the body was found in the river ,” Montoya said.

The municipality's fire commander indicated that after having found the body, the CTI was informed, and took charge of carrying out the removal of the body and the associated investigation. Captain Carlos Felipe Moncada Mazo, commander of the Rionegro Police, mentioned that the body of the transgender woman did not show signs of violence.

According to information provided by the Oriente Diverso corporation, [Isabella] was born in Puerto Triunfo and had been in Rionegro for a short time.

In the last year, two deaths of transgender women in similar events have been reported in this municipality in Eastern Antioquia. A few days ago in Rionegro, the body of a trans woman identified by the authorities as Tatiana was found. So far the causes of her death have not been determined.

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