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Carla Machado Noya

Age 25

4 Jun 2022
El Banco, Magdalena (Colombia)

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Carla Machado Noya
Carla Machado Noya [photo:]

Carla and a cisgender man, Alexander Arroyo Ramírez, 29, were shot dead by unidentified assilants in the 10 de Julio neighborhood on the night of Saturday 4th June.

A new act of blood was recorded in the department of Magdalena. A member of the LGBT community and another person were found dead after being shot by unknown assailants in a rural area of the municipality of El Banco (Magdalena). For this double double homicide, the authorities advance the investigations and judicial work in order to clarify the motives and find those responsible.

They are [deadname] Machado Noya, 25 years old, known as 'Carla', and who was found dead with several impacts caused by a firearm, and Alexander Arroyo Ramírez, 29 years old, the man who entered without vital signs to a care center where he was helped by the community.

The fact was detected by the residents of that area, after several detonations were heard in the 10 de Julio neighborhood at about 9:50 at night and they left their homes to find out about the situation, giving notice to the emergency line. of the Police that deployed several uniformed officers from the surveillance unit by quadrants attached to the CAI of this municipality.

When moving to the scene of the emergency to verify the case, near the La Juana farm, a rural area of the municipality of El Banco, the uniformed officers found the lifeless body of 'Carla' on the ground, and with multiple gunshot wounds to the the body, which would have caused his death on the spot.

On the other hand, the police units were notified that a second victim of this incident had been admitted to a medical center in the municipality, with no vital signs, who was assisted by a witness and also had several impacts caused by a firearm.

The Sijín mobile criminalistics unit arrived at the scene and the medical center to carry out the inspection of the corpses and they transferred them to the Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences morgue, where they performed the required necropsies. Likewise, they arrived at the discovery sector and carried out the first interviews with the community. "We are going to advance the investigations to clarify the motives for this event that put the Magdalena community on alert, after the death of two of its inhabitants," the researchers said.

Apparently, the neighbors heard noises generated by a vehicle at night, and apparently two people had approached the victims and with a firearm in their hands caused their death, and later left the place to avoid being detained or identified by the police. community. However, it will be the judicial authorities that will establish the true circumstances of time, manner and place, as well as the motives for the brutal attack, and the capture of those responsible.

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