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Ray Muscat

Age 24 (born 7 Jul 1997)

8 May 2022
Independence Township, Michigan (USA)

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Ray Muscat
Ray Muscat [photo:]

Ray was shot dead by his girlfriend Ruby Taverner. Ruby (who was also trans) also killed her brother Bishop and subsequently took her own life.

Raymond ‘Ray’ Muscat is the most recent victim of the campaign of violence claiming the lives of trans neighbors, a terror campaign. Ray was a 24-year-old white trans man, born and raised in Michigan.

Ray was shot to death by his live-in girlfriend who also shot her brother to death and then fled on Sunday, May 8 from their apartment. His girlfriend, Ruby Taverner, was a 22 year-old white trans woman. They had been in a relationship for almost two years.

According to police reports, a 911 call came in during the early morning hours from another woman in the apartment, reporting gun shots. When police arrived, they found the bodies of Ray and Ruby Taverners’s brother, Bishop, in the apartment. Ruby Taverner’s car and cell phone were at the scene, so police believed she had fled on foot. She was considered armed and dangerous to herself and others. Ruby Taverner’s body was discovered Monday morning; she died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Ruby Taverner allegedly had three weapons registered to her: two 9 mm handguns and one .38 caliber handgun. A Glock 43X handgun, which she purchased within the past week, was found near her body,

Police also report conducting a welfare check on the couple’s apartment a month earlier, but have not offered any motive for the two murders.

According to their obituary,(deadnaming and misgendering at that link) Ray Muscat was known to family as “Boom, to the Anime world as “Ray_graveyard” & to many others most recently simply as “Ray”.

Ray worked at Meijer for many years & was described by customers and co-workers as a kind soul who had a glowing smile that was contagious to their day. The Anime world was very near and dear to Ray’s heart. Youmakon, Anime Midwest, DokiDokon and other cos meet-ups are where Ray went to have fun and show off their unmatched talent and creativity. Ray was obsessed with all animals but Steele, Ray’s 11 year old cat and Milo, Ray’s “nephew” dog, were the favorites.

Ray graduated from Kettering High School and was studying Early Childhood Education at Oakland Community College. A funeral service will take place at 1pm on Friday, May 13, 2022.

Ray's Facebook profile is

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