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Fern Feather

Age 29

12 Apr 2022
Morristown, Vermont (USA)

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Fern Feather
Fern Feather [photo:]

Fern's body was found by the side of the road on the morning of Tuesday 12th April. Seth Brunell, 43, has been charged with second-degree murder.

The body of 29-year-old Fern Feather, a white trans woman was discovered on Tuesday morning on the side of Duhamel Road near Cadys Falls Road in Morristown, Vermont. The autopsy determined the cause of death was a stab wound to the chest, and the manner of death was homicide. She is the 12th US victim of the campaign of terror traumatizing the trans community in the nation and around the world.

The suspect Seth Brunell, 43 is in police custody. He was sighted by police with Fern in a vehicle just a few hours before her body was discovered, according to (Link includes deadnaming and misgendering.) Brunell is claiming self-defense, but police say there is no physical evidence to support that allegation.

Fern’s friends are overwhelmingly shocked, commenting on their gentle nature and kind heart. A co-worker posted

Fern was part of my sweet, weird, fun-loving Salt Café family. We dressed however we wanted — Fern in flowey garb with feathers in their hair; William in skirts and a squirrel tail — and served the Vermontiest farm-to-table food to politicians, farmers, New York Times journalists, culinary school kids, lawyers, the singer Jewel’s mom, visitors from Australia, and so on.

Fern was the best at making citrus plates: they’d form mandalas of the fruit slices — in a different formation every time — for customers to add to their glasses of ice water. For one menu, Fern “invented” mushroom-stuffed-mushrooms, and was delighted when it was the week’s most popular item.

Then-governor Shumlin was a regular at Salt, and Fern was always so tickled when Peter recognized them on the streets of Montpelier, and greeted them with a shout and a wave. “The governor said hello to me today,” they’d report upon showing up for work.

Fern had lived an adventurous life, traveling around the country, and recently announcing her transition in late March. Just a few weeks ago.

"It’s time to tell the world I’m a Hot Trans Woman in a currently male Hot Body Suit !! dang sure took long enough eh ?! Please share this to liberate our other beautiful ones !"

Born in Montpelier, Vermont, Fern graduated from Lake Region Unified High School District 24 and worked at Salt Cafe. Her Facebook page is overflowing with nature-themed photos, memes, and posts. Clearly, she was deeply connected to the natural world. It was easy for this blogger to get lost in her timeline amidst the many amazing images.

Subsequently Seth Brunell, 43, was arrested for Fern's murder.

HYDE PARK, Vt. (WCAX) - The man accused of murdering a transgender woman last month in Morristown will remain behind bars.

Seth Brunell, 43, pleaded not guilty last month to second-degree murder in the stabbing death of 29-year-old Fern Feather of Hinesburg. According to court documents, Brunell spent several days with Feather and he claimed Feather made a sexual advance. Brunell claimed he stabbed Feather in self-defense on April 12, but police say there’s no evidence of that attack.

His lawyer argued Monday in court that Brunell should be released while awaiting trial. Prosecutors disagreed, saying he is a danger to the community and a flight risk.

The judge agreed and he’ll continue to be held without bail.

Fern's Facebook profile is

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