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Felis Joy

Age 16

11 Apr 2022
Chișinău (Moldova)

Felis Joy
Felis Joy [photo:]

Felis died by suicide after experiencing bullying by her classmates.

A teenager died yesterday after falling from the 22nd floor of an apartment building in Chisinay. No signs of violent death were discovered on the body, but no suicide note was found either. Angelica Frolov, coordinator of the LGBT Rights Lobby and Advocacy Program at the GENDERDOC-M Center, posted on Facebook saying that the transgender teenager who committed suicide had experienced bullying and abuse from her colleagues.

A ruling party lawmaker said that the law must change after a transgender teenager who was bullied by her classmates committed suicide in the Moldovan capital Chisinau.

Dan Perciun, an MP from the pro-European Action and Solidarity Party, said on Wednesday that legislation must change to prevent bullying and other abuses against the LGBT community after a 16-year-old who had been bullied and humiliated by classmates committed suicide.

“The case of the transgender girl who committed suicide after being seriously humiliated by her classmates demonstrates the urgent need to finalise the regulatory framework on combating bullying and holding abusers accountable,” said Perciun.

The teenager jumped to her death from the 22nd floor of an apartment building in Chisinau, according to a preliminary investigation by the police.

The news of her suicide was made public by Chisinau-based NGO Genderdoc-M, which fights discrimination against the LGBT community in Moldova. “With immense pain and sadness, we found out that one of our beneficiaries decided to take her life. She was part of the Transgender Support Group and the Adolescent Support Group,” the NGO wrote on its Facebook page.

The NGO did not specify the exact reason why the teenager took own her life, but said it has previously issued a statement about a child who was “systematically harassed because of her gender identity”. “Our heart aches for her mother, who was struggling to help her get through this difficult period,” said the head of Genderdoc-M, Angelica Frolov.

The police and Education Ministry opened an investigation in February 2022 after a 16-year-old transgender teenager was beaten and publicly humiliated by her classmates.

MP Perciun said that sexism, homophobia and aggression are unfortunately commonplace in Moldovan society. “We must do more to protect victims, provide them with the necessary assistance and inform society,” he added.

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