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Shelony Viloria ("Riqui pa Riqui")

Age 22

3 Apr 2022
El Bagre, Antioquia (Colombia)

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Shelony Viloria ("Riqui pa Riqui")
Shelony Viloria ("Riqui pa Riqui") [photo:]

Shelony died in hospital two days after being shot in the face in a nearby house. Her family believes that she was attacked because she was LGBT+.

Shelony Viloria, a 22-year-old trans woman, was attacked in El Bagre on April 1, 2022, an attack that ended up causing her death on Sunday. Her mother fired her on Tuesday and sent a message to those responsible for the crime.

Last Friday afternoon Shelony Viloria was attacked with a firearm, which caused her to spend days in critical condition in a medical center in Montería, until she finally died.

Caracol Radio spoke with her mother, who was carrying out Shelony Viloria's funeral on Tuesday morning. According to her, the fact that caused the death of her daughter was not the only one she suffered, since last year she had to flee from El Bagre because she had received threats for being a trans woman.

The victim's mother stated that regardless of her preferences and how she identified herself, she always accepted her [daughter], even defending her from homophobic attacks.

“To those people may God forgive them and may divine justice be done for what they did with my son. I'm just going to try to pray and pray and ask God a lot to forgive those people who did this to me," said Shelony's mother.

In October 2022 Jesús Alberto Tovar Palomino, 27, was arrested for her murder and that of Ruby Andrea Tavares Areiza, 35.

The motive or motives for two crimes that terrorized the municipality of Bagre, Antioquia, last April, remain a mystery. The only thing certain is that a man from Maganguel was captured by the Bolívar Police on Wednesday and is now in the hands of justice.

The apprehended is Jesús Alberto Tovar Palomino, 27, accused of murdering [deadname] Zapata Viloria, 21, with a bullet. The young [woman] was known as 'Riqui pa riqui' and belonged to the Lgbtiq+ community. Four days later he also killed Ruby Andrea Tavares Areiza, 35, with three bullets.

The authorities had been after Jesus, who was known by the alias 'el Cole', since April but he had fled from Bagre in an unknown direction. That was, until Wednesday, when soldiers found him in a popular neighborhood of Magangué where he thought he would outwit justice.

Tovar Palomino was left at the disposal of the Prosecutor's Office for the crimes of aggravated homicide and manufacture, trafficking, carrying or possession of firearms, accessories, parts or ammunition.

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