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Valentín Quezada Saldías

Age 25

7 Feb 2022
Chillán, Diguillín (Chile)
Not reported

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Valentín Quezada Saldías
Valentín Quezada Saldías [photo:]

Valentín's body was found under a river bridge on Monday 7th February. He had been missing since 2nd February.

According to Radio Cooperativa, the Homicide Brigade of the Investigative Police (PDI) confirmed on Tuesday that the body found yesterday in the Chillán River is that of Valentín Quezada Saldías, 25, a young transgender [man] who had been reported missing six days ago.

On February 2 the Veterinary Medicine student at the University of Concepción had been intensively sought, the date on which he left his house for his sister's home, but never arrived.

The PDI reported that, together with personnel from the Regional Criminalistics Laboratory, it was possible to determine the identity of the body found under the Nebuco Bridge. The remains are currently in the Legal Medical Service, awaiting the autopsy that will allow the precise cause of death to be established.

Meanwhile, one of the deceased's cousins told the same station that "he had never disappeared without a trace, he said he was going to meet his sister, he told her at one point that he was walking, around 7:00 pm the hour passed and he did not arrive; they sent messages to her phone and they came through, but she stopped responding. At 11:00 pm she turned off the phone».

"He said he was going to go to the supermarket, that he was walking through O'Higgins, that was the last message he sent. Something abnormal what happened", I added.

Valentin had started his transition several months earlier.

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