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Zirve Soylu

1 Feb 2022
Istanbul (Turkey)

Zirve Soylu
Zirve Soylu [photo:]

Zirve died by suicide. She had been repeatedly been the target of transphobic violence, some of which had caused her permanent injuries.

Zirve Soylu was a person who had repeatedly been subjected to transphobic attacks, while the systematic violence to which trans people were exposed showed itself in various parts of life. She ended her life, dying by suicide at her home last night.

Soylu's partner, model and trans woman İris Mozalar, shared an emotional post on her Twitter account:

"My darling, my sister, my 'sisterhood', my 'afterlife', my fateful friend, my sister, my love... Summit, my Portobello Witch. You came into my life and touched me in my finest parts in a short time. Everyone was confused about how two trans women could be lovers. You made me cry, you laughed, you left..."

According to the news reported by Political News, while the systematic violence that trans people are subjected to shows itself in various parts of life, Zirve Soylu was also someone who had been subjected to transphobic attacks many times. Soylu was first the victim of lynching campaigns in Avcılar, where she lived and worked. Later, trans women became the target of a gang that extorted sex workers. Her house was repeatedly raided by gangs and she received death threats.

Soylu was also seriously injured by being locked in a vehicle with a pitbull dog. After the attack, she suffered various lesions causing permanent damage to her. Her teeth were broken, her left foot injured and was left with permanent scarring on her face.

Zirve's Facebook profile is

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