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Babalu Vendraminy

25 Jan 2022
São Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Babalu Vendraminy
Babalu Vendraminy [photo:]

Babalu died by suicide after falling victim to transphobia.

Presenter Angélica, 48, used social media to mourn the death of Babalu Vendraminy, a fan of the artist who took her own life after being a victim of transphobia. In her post, Angélica highlighted the importance of respect and recalled the mortality rate for this group in Brazil.

"We live in an oppressive society, in a country that has the highest mortality rate for travesti and trans people. At the same time, we are the country that consumes the most transsexual pornographic content in the world. There is a culture of oppression being constantly fed, generating situations of prejudice, of violence to the community on a daily basis", she said.

"Why am I saying this? A very dear fan, unfortunately victim of these prejudices and violence, took her own life, after having taken away from herself the freedom to be who she is. Today Babalu leaves us. A wonderful fan, for a long time date, has accompanied me since the beginning of my career. I am here to leave a huge hug for all family and friends. May your passage be light and peaceful, with lots of light", he commented.

The presenter shared photos with Babalu and completed the message by thanking the fan. "Thank you for the love as always. She will always be alive in our hearts."

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