TDoR 2022 / 2022 / January / 20 / Wendy Espinosa

Wendy Espinosa

Age 42

20 Jan 2022
La Maná, Cotopaxi (Ecuador)

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Wendy Espinosa
Wendy Espinosa [photo:]

Wendy and her brother in law were shot outside her home by two men on a motorcycle. Although he survived the attack she did not.

The Quito Trans Psycho Center of the Silhouette X Association and members of the "New National Trans Network" Platform, together with different groups, announced that, during the night of last Thursday, January 20, 2022, Wendy Espinosa (Sandro José), a 42-year-old trans woman, was murdered in La Maná, Cotopaxi province while she was outside her home.

The victim, who was with her brother-in-law Nelson A., was approached by two men on a motorcycle who opened fire on Espinosa and her brother-in-law, killing Wendy.

However, and despite the outcry from his relatives, the authorities have not yet clarified the motive for the murder, nor have they found the whereabouts of the culprits. Trans community groups have asked the State Attorney General Diana Salazar, the Undersecretary of Diversities Felipe Ochoa, and the Ombudsman Cesar Córdoba Valverde, to pay more attention to this case in order to clarify the unfortunate events.

Together, there are 3 victims from the LGBTI + community so far in 2022. This [Wendy's] death is in addition to that of Karla Valentina Espinosa, a trans woman who was found dead at her home in northwest Guayaquil with five stab wounds on January 4, and that of Cristian Nicola, a 27-year-old [gay man] and an official of the national prison service, who died riddled with nine shots in the back during the day of January 6.

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