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Arelis Cabezas Sierra

Age 38

20 Jan 2022
Bogotá, Distrito Capital (Colombia)
Cosmetic procedure complications

Arelis Cabezas Sierra
Arelis Cabezas Sierra [photo:]

Arelis died several hours after a cosmetic procedure on Thursday 20th January. The clinic where the procedure was performed has been shut down while her death is investigated.

Bogotá, Colombia.- A trans woman died after undergoing plastic surgery in a clinic north of Bogotá. Family members have denounced negligence on the part of the clinic.

Arelis Cabezas Sierra , a 38-year-old woman, died hours after a procedure around 4:00 pm last Thursday, January 20 of this year. " She was my best friend, my little sister. I studied college with her, we watched class with her, we told each other everything, she was a very intelligent person, you could talk to her about anything, any topic." said Daniel, Arelis's brother.

Arelis' relatives are demanding that the cause of death be investigated , as they maintain that there was negligence. "I think there was a very obvious negligence here , because they did not have the medical teams available for resuscitation and there were no medical staff in charge with any authority. What's more, if the surgeon and the friend were there in the room, the one who should be resuscitating is the surgeon.", said Daniel.

According to the news outlet Noticias Caracol, he contacted the surgeon Yesid "M", who performed the procedure on the trans woman. The doctor assured that it was a planned and scheduled surgery within everything normal, and that all of the pertinent laboratory tests required to be able to operate on a patient had been performed.

The surgeon mentioned that the plastic surgery was performed under the proper protocols and explained that he is attentive to do what the justice determines and awaits the opinion of Legal Medicine.

However, the district entity affirmed that an administrative process had been initiated against the doctor and the surgery room had been closed. In addition to this, flaws were found in the infrastructure and staffing of the clinic. The opinion of Legal Medicine will be decisive in determining the cause of death of Arelis.

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