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Age 19

16 Dec 2021
Karachi, Sindh (Pakistan)
Clinical neglect


Toffe died after being refused medical treatment because of her HIV-positive status.

Note that the exact date of her death is not known - the date given is that of the press conference where her death - and that of three other trans women - was condemned by trans groups.

The Gender Interactive Alliance (GIA) and Aurat March officials held a joint press conference on Thursday demanding an end to what they called was “genocide of our khwaja sira sisters.”

According to a press release issued by the Aurat March and GIA four transgender women died in a month due to apathy of the society - two were murdered, while two died of being denied healthcare services.

The speakers said that Bijlee was a kind transgender woman who was known to be on good terms with her neighbours. Her primary source of income was begging. This week, she was strangled to death in her own house.

Toffe, was a young 19-year old transgender woman who was refused treatment at the Dr Ruth KM Pfau Civil Hospital because she was HIV-positive. She subsequently died because of denial of her basic right.

The press release said that Sherly was so aggressively discriminated against in healthcare spaces that she was terrified to seek treatment when she needed it. Unfortunately, she passed away because of our healthcare system's transphobia.

“X - she was violently murdered in Lyari. Her family doesn’t wish to disclose her name because they are still being threatened by the murderer,” the press release stated.

“These were all khwaja sira women; our sisters. They were all deprived of their right to life in the most callous manner, but what makes it worse is that we didn’t even hear about them through our media,” the statement said.

Report added: 27 Dec 2021

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