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7 Dec 2021
Bogotá, Distrito Capital (Colombia)

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Maní [photo:]

Maní was one of three trans people - the others being Cristina Cantillo Martínez and La Divaza - killed the same day in Colombia.

Yesterday they killed 3 trans [people], two of them black. Maní was a sex worker in Bogotá, La Diva was a street resident in Riohacha, and Cristina was a human rights defender in Santa Marta.

The murder of Santa Marta community leader Cristina Cantillo shook the inhabitants of Magdalena not only because of her recognized social work defending the rights of the LGTBIQ + community and the restitution of land, but because the crime may be related to her identity as a trans woman.

In different cities and times, but on the same date of the day of candles (December 7), two other trans [people] were murdered: 'La Divaza' ([possible deadname]), as she was known in Rioacha, and 'Maní', who was assassinated in Bogotá. Both bled to death after receiving fatal stab wounds from their attackers.

With their deaths, and according to the records of the database of the Trans Community Network of Colombia (RCT), 35 transsexual women are known to have been murdered so far this year.

“This is systematic. We are seeing a direct relationship between exclusion and the crime of being killed. For example, these last three who killed weren't just trans women. Cristina was a community leader, La Divaza was a street dweller and Maní was an Afro and a sex worker”, described Matilda González, a lawyer for the RCT, in dialogue with EL COLOMBIANO.

It hurts to live in fear ... it hurts to wake up and feel that tomorrow we can be the next. Today, in Colombia 3 trans people murdered. We lost 3 lives!

The torture is that we know that impunity will continue to shine. Cristina (Santa Marta), La Divaza (Riohacha), Maní (Bogotá)

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