TDoR 2022 / 2021 / November / 29 / Artemisa Domínguez

Artemisa Domínguez

29 Nov 2021
Chicoloapan, Estado de México (Mexico)

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Artemisa Domínguez

Artemisa died in hospital after being beaten by her boyfriend. Her religious family (who had beaten and humiliated by her in life) erased her identity in death.

Although we do not know the exact date of Artemisa's death she was buried on 29th November 2021.

Today, while the lGbtiq+ Awards were being held by @ImpulseCDMX, on the periphery we buried one of our sisters, Artemisa Domínguez, who came from a fanatically religious family. From the moment Artemisa discovered her gender identity she was expelled from her home with blows and humiliations, which were repeated whenever possible by her family. A fight in a bar then caused her brain damage, and finally the beating that her boyfriend gave her sent her to the hospital where she was diagnosed brain dead.

And there was nothing else to do, but herordeal did not end there, because even when she was dead, her family cut her hair and dressed her as a man, "He was born a man, he was always a man and that's how we will say goodbye" repeated her sister and mother without the slightest sign of pain.

Her struggle in life was painful, her death even more so, and in that fateful ending she could do nothing to claim the identity that had cost her so much. It was hard to hear her 'DeadName' at every moment, they wanted to erase our sister, Artemis.

But her memory will shine forever in our fight, a fight from the periphery, wrapped in machismo, misogyny and religious fanaticism, a fight that is rarely heard, but that resists. Artemis, sister, fly high and always shine on #nosotrans[[|?]][[story_fbid=pfbid02LyBR8FxDDAwxtoU7TYY41rhUWYrcxuBrDCKeEmTH9p6GccyX97ZWBhPwL3bBYiyPl&id=100002876480082&sfnsn=scwspmo]]

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