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Kauany Circo

Age 32

6 Nov 2021
Catanduva, São Paulo (Brazil)

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Kauany Circo
Kauany Circo [photo:]

Kauany was a circus artist who toured Brazil to perform. She was assaulted and killed by her boyfriend after she tried to stop him using cocaine.

The body of the 32-year-old circus artist from Corumba, Kauany Circo, is being watched this Tuesday, November 9, at the Angel of Peace Chapel. She was killed by her boyfriend, 18, last Saturday (06), with a scissors blow in the neck region, in the city of Catanduva - São Paulo.

Kauany, who was a [trans woman], was inside a circus trailer when she was assaulted and killed. Friends and relatives participated in her wake In Corumbá, where her family lives.

Her sister told Diário Corumbaense that Kauany was very happy with her work in the circus. “She felt fulfilled, as she always dreamed of being in this world of circus art, working with the circus. Since school days, she was very involved in parades, contests, presentations. She was simply at a very complete moment in her life”, said Leiliane.

Also according to her, even traveling with the circus, she always kept in touch. "She called my mother every day maintaining and always asked us to take care of our mother. She was very family orientated", described the sister.

Leiliane says that Kauany left with the circus when she was 17 to 18 years old. Since then, in love with work, she had traveled throughout the cities of Brazil. “When she decided to leave, it was very difficult, especially for my mother, but we accepted, because that was her dream.”.

Her boyfriend turned himself in to police.

André Luis Coutinho, aged 18, accused of the crime, turned himself in hours after the crime and indicated that he was in the Jardim Alpino neighborhood, where he was found by military police officers. He said to agents that he is a cocaine user and, on the dawn of the crime, Kauany tried to prevent him from using the drug. She [reportedly] pushed him and André got angry, took a pair of scissors and stabbed his companion in the neck. The couple had only been together for three months.

According to the Gazeta de Rio Preto newspaper , he has already been submitted to the custody hearing and judge Patrícia da Conceição Santos decided to convert the arrest in flagrante delicto in preventive detention. André was taken to the public jail in Catanduva.

Kuany's Facebook profile is

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