TDoR 2022 / 2021 / October / 14 / Stéfany Ferreira de Oliveira

Stéfany Ferreira de Oliveira

Age 38

14 Oct 2021
Cassilândia, Mato Grosso do Sul (Brazil)

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Stéfany Ferreira de Oliveira
Stéfany Ferreira de Oliveira [photo:]

Stéfany was stabbed by her boyfriend, who subsequently fled. Her father found her body in her bedroom.

Yesterday morning (15) Stéfany Ferreira de Oliveira, 38, was stabbed to death and her body found by police in Cassilândia. The victim's father found his daughter dead.

The [trans woman]'s boyfriend is suspected to have committed the crime. He had sent a message to the victim's mother in which he just wrote “Goodbye, mourning”.

Also according to information from witnesses, the boyfriend, whose name was not disclosed, was seen buying a ticket and boarding [a bus] for Mato Grosso on Thursday (14). According to Ivi Notícias the police issued an alert for his arrest.

The victim's motorcycle as well as the keys to the house were found at the bus station. Stéfany's father had searched for the vehicle when he arrived at his daughter's house to find her dead.

The police were called and at the residence they found Stefany in the room with signs of stabbing. According to the police report, she had injuries to her hands and arms which were possibly caused when she was trying to defend herself. The knife used in the crime was found under the bed.

Her boyfriend subsequently surrendered to police but was not arrested as there was no arrest warrant for him.

A man suspected of killing a 38-year-old transsexual, known by the social name of Stéfany Ferreira de Oliveira, in Cassilândia, 437 km from Campo Grande, surrendered himself to the police, at the Precinct for Homicide and Protection of Persons (DHPP), in Cuiabá, this Wednesday (27), and confessed to the crime.

The testimony of Flavio Junior Duarte Arruda, 31, was taken by the Civil Police's Capture and Polinter Management (Polinter), in the capital, but, according to the Civil Police, he was not held because there was no arrest warrant against him.

Stéfany's Facebook profile is

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