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Nefes Balkan

Age 28

5 Oct 2021
İzmit, Kocaeli (Turkey)
Fell from a window

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Nefes Balkan
Nefes Balkan [photo:]

Nefes died after falling from a windows of her 5th floor apartment during an argument with her partner.

[deadname] Nefes, a 26-year-old trans woman, lost her life after falling from the window of her house in the Izmit district of Kocaeli.

In the incident last night Kumsal Nefes argued with her boyfriend and then fell from the fifth floor apartment. Kumsal Nefes, who was taken to the hospital after 2 passers-by called an ambulance, could not be saved.

It has been learned that [she] had previously been threatened by her boyfriend and told her relatives that she wanted to break up and that was exposed to violence.

Her boyfriend, who was at home at the time of the incident and was arguing about the suspicious death of the trans woman, was taken into custody by the police teams.

Her boyfriend was arrested on a charge of deliberate killing. In his statement he claimed that she threw herself from the window:

T.T said that they used drugs and alcohol on the night of the incident and said, "We had a fight, then she tried to throw herself out of the window. I prevented her and we continued to argue again. Then she suddenly ran to the window again and I couldn't stop her."

Tunahan Türker was subsequently arrested and charged with "deliberate killing".

Nefes' Facebook profile is

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