TDoR 2021 / 2021 / September / 18 / Sasha Chiron

Sasha Chiron

Age 22

18 Sep 2021
Paris (France)

Sasha Chiron
Sasha Chiron [photo:]

Sasha died by suicide. Although she reportedly had the support of her family, the weight of everyday and institutional transphobia was just too much for her to bear.

Acceptess-T and the trans communities are in mourning once again. Two trans women died this week.

Sasha a 22 year old trans woman took her own life. She had the support of her family and was very well surrounded, but the heavy weight of everyday and institutional transphobia drove her to suicide.

Ivana, a 31-year-old Peruvian trans female sex worker, was murdered in her apartment. Her body was found last night. It was her friends who raised the alert to the authorities.

With the agreement of the two families, our association will ensure that the rights of Sasha and Ivana are respected, and that Justice does its duty. We will not let any errors go by on the part of the administrations or on the part of the media.

Any form of reproduction of transphobia will be denounced. Our deep condolences go first to their families and friends. We send a particular message to trans communities, you are not alone.

In this process of fighting transphobia, you can count on us, we are here to support you. Do not be discouraged, together we will make it happen! In difficult times, call on us!


I didn't know Sasha. It is not she who will write this text which nevertheless concerns her.

Sasha is no longer here to talk to us.

Our paths crossed by her mother, Isabelle, who sent me a message to share her distress and a need for leads following the death of her daughter, three days earlier. I can hardly imagine the feelings that a loving mother can have when - - writing these lines. On the other hand, I understand too much the course and the wounds which pushed Sasha to this passage to the act. Today we honor his memory on the account. His mother asked me, my conscience and my heart command me. There is a lot to see in Sasha's life. There is so much to watch in his death. And we will remember his name.

Sasha was 22 years old. Having moved to Paris from Rennes, she studied fashion and design, which were part of her passions. Soul artist, creator, photography, drawing and music also animated her.

In our discussions, her mother describes her as "a very strong personality, very exclusive and complete, sometimes a little 'diva' side. Very close to her big sister and faithful to her friends since kindergarten for some. She started her transition 3 years ago and has blossomed by asserting her personality ”. This, Isabelle had already underlined in her first message "we love Sasha, her whole personality, the beautiful person she has become". This family love has nourished each message that I received from this strong mother "her transition brought us much closer and the whole family supported and accepted her". I guess the strength of their bond, the strength that Sasha learned from this cocoon. This support is invaluable; it is not acquired by any trans person. Unfortunately, it is not enough to protect.

Sasha committed suicide because at age 22, too much (e "transphobia made her life too painful. Too heavy. Sasha herself spoke of" insurmountable daily "suffering.

She was young. She was in good health. Passionate, creative, strong, luminous, she was all his things. Trans and proud of her identity Sasha was living her liberation. And Sasha should have taken full advantage of it.

Sasha, like each of us in this community, has not escaped transphobia. This violence which is not always satisfied with being lurking in the shadows. Transphobia is the wolf that watches from the forest. The angry crowd screaming at the monster and the lightning falling from the sky. No one is weak from being affected by transphobia. Sasha was not weak.

Sasha suffered relentless and unfair violence. The smear of prejudice and mockery when who she was should have inspired respect and compassion.

You don't need to have known Sasha to honor her memory and empathize.

I want to scream shame at those who thought they could humiliate her.

I want to tell them their responsibility.

Too many of us understand. Too many names make up this list punctuated with tears

A march was held for Sasha and Ivanna on 10th October 2021.

The Instagram profile at is dedicated to Sasha.

Report added: 14 Oct 2021. Last updated: 6 Mar 2023

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