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11 Aug 2021
Gama, Distrito Federal (Brazil)

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Bruna's body was found with a stab wound on the morning of Wednesday 11th August. She was homeless and both lived and died on the street.

A woman, identified only as Bruna, was found dead and with marks of aggression on a street in Gama, in the Federal District, in the early hours of this Wednesday (11). The case is being investigated by the Civil Police as a homicide. No one had been arrested at the time of the most recent update of this report.

According to the Fire Department, the soldiers were called in for an incident of physical aggression, however, when they arrived at the scene, they found the woman, who is [trans], already dead. "The victim's body was very bloody, and, in an assessment by our teams, at least one wound was found, close to the right shoulder," the corporation said.

Firefighters also reported that the woman suffered a knife wound, which was located by the military police. The corporation did not give details of which object was used to harm the victim.

According to the 20th Police Station, from Gama, witnesses said that the woman was homeless and [trans]. Investigators said that a doorman, at around 2 am, heard a call for help, but when he arrived at the scene, he found her injured on the ground. One of the witnesses, who knew the victim, also said that he was with her earlier and doesn't know who could have attacked Bruna. The case took place in front of the Guardian Council 1 of the region, near the police station.

Someone who knew her said this of Bruna:

"I knew her. She went on Sundays to the Blue Fair in Gama, and was always accompanied by other homeless people. I can remember her hugging me. Said she was grateful for me providing her with food. Very sad."

A suspect was arrested on 25th August.

The Civil Police of the Federal District, through the 20th Police Station (Gama), arrested the man suspected of stabbing a transvestite in Gama on August 11 this year. According to the corporation, the crime was motivated by jealousy, since the man had a relationship with the victim. He is now in custody.

Police concluded that the man did not like to see the victim in the company of others. Faced with the evidence found during the investigation, the delegate to the front of the case asked for the preventive detention of the suspect, which was granted by the court.

"We talked to people who were in the region and discovered that the motivation for the crime was jealousy. He already knew the victim and had a relationship for a while. Moved by jealousy, he attacked from behind and threw the knife. People who were there heard the cries for help," said the deputy chief delegate of the 20th DP, Paulo Benevides.

Report added: 14 Aug 2021. Last updated: 12 Nov 2021

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