TDoR 2021 / 2021 / August / 10 / Valentina Gámez

Valentina Gámez

Age 39

10 Aug 2021
San Cristóbal, Táchira (Venezuela)
Beaten and strangled

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Valentina Gámez

Valentina's body was found by relatives in her home.

Without knowing the date of death, they located a lifeless transsexual [woman] in her house in the upper part of Pueblo Nuevo, on the way to Cueva del Oso, in the state of Táchira. On Tuesday night, after the victim did not answer her cell phone relatives approached the house where she was living (and which was owned by her mother) on calle Vista Hermosa, Paramillo sector.

When they found her lifeless body they immediately notified the authorities and a patrol of the Bolivarian National Police (PNB) arrived at the site. Upon confirming that it was a homicide, notified Cicpc officials of the situation and reported to the newspaper La Nación.

[Deadname] Gámez, 39, who was known as Valentina, suffered blows to the face and other parts of the body. Although it was presumed, from the marks on the neck, that the cause of death was strangulation. > Gamez, who had breast surgery, was said to be lying on a bed, semi-clothed, at the time of the discovery. Dried blood indicated that she had been there for several hours. They did not reveal a possible motive for the event, but did not rule out theft, nor that the perpetrator or perpetrators of the crime were known to the victim, since apparently the main door was not broken into.

It was indicated that Gámez worked independently, without specifying her occupation. It was said that the transsexual [woman] had no known enemies, and that she had lived alone in the residence since her mother left the country.

Today we wake up with the news of another transfemicide in San Cristóbal. Valentina, your name will not be forgotten, and it will be defended by your brothers. Even if they want to misrepresent the facts, we know it was a hate crime. Justice will be served. @TarekWiliamSaab, forceful answers.

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