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Tristan Frémont

Age 19 (born 2 Feb 2002)

19 Jul 2021
Saint-Xandre, Charente-Maritime (France)

Tristan Frémont
Tristan Frémont [photo:]

Tristan's body was found in a field by a farmer on Wednesday 21st July. He had been missing since Monday 24th May.

Prosecutors believe that the body discovered in Saint-Xandre on July 21 could be that of Tristan Frémont, 19, who has been missing since May 24.

On Wednesday July 21, a farmer discovered a lifeless body in Saint-Xandre, Charente-Maritime, while he was harvesting a field. It is the same town in the agglomeration of La Rochelle that Tristan Frémont, 19, disappeared on May 24 after leaving the family home.

Quoted by Sud-Ouest , the prosecution believes that the body is "very probably" that of the young man. "Several bodily identification elements, including his measurements, suggest that it is most likely Tristan Frémont. Next to this body, we notably found an audio headset," he said.

A DNA analysis has been ordered, which will confirm or not the identity of the corpse. The results should be known at the end of the week.

Report added: 15 Oct 2021. Last updated: 15 Dec 2021

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