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Aline Sánchez

Age 41

19 Jul 2021
Mexicaltzingo, Estado de México (Mexico)

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Aline Sánchez
Aline Sánchez [photo:]

Aline's body was found in her home with stab wounds and wrapped in a blanket.

TOLUCA.-On the eve of the Gender Identity Law being discussed in the LX Legislature, Alin, a trans woman was murdered in the municipality of Mexicaltzingo, for which the LGBTTTIQ + community demands that the facts be investigated.

According to the first reports, the body of Alin, an activist for the rights of sexual diversity, was found inside an apartment in the Estación neighborhood, wrapped in a blanket.

"Unfortunately, hate crimes against our trans community are increasing , as we well know, the State of Mexico ranks second in transphobia crimes, it is one of the five most dangerous states for us," said Tanya Vázquez, president of Famous Trans Women of Toluca. She recalled that Alin was part of the collective "Famosas Trans" and that her life was dedicated to making visible the problems they experience as part of the community of sexual and identity diversity.

"It is also inexcusable that the media, even after she is dead, we find her reported with a name with which my sister never felt identified, we always knew her as Alin, my friend, our sister and it is annoying that, even dead her identity is not respected. The violence that we are experiencing must stop. "

At the moment, no detainees have been reported for the homicide that was already classified as a hate crime by the trans community of the Toluca Valley.

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