TDoR 2021 / 2021 / July / 05 / Crismilly Pérola ("Piu Piu", "Bombom")

Crismilly Pérola ("Piu Piu", "Bombom")

Age 37

5 Jul 2021
Recife, Pernambuco (Brazil)
Beaten and shot

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Crismilly Pérola ("Piu Piu", "Bombom")
Crismilly Pérola ("Piu Piu", "Bombom") [photo:]

Crismilly was found dead on a public road near the Caxangá bridge in the Beira Rio community. She had been beaten and shot.

A trans woman was shot dead this Monday (5), in the Beira Rio community, in Várzea, West Zone of Recife. The 37-year-old hairdresser used the social name of Crismilly Pearl and was also known as Bombom or Piu-piu. The family believes that the crime was motivated by transphobia, which occurs when there is prejudice against those who identify themselves as transgender.

This is the third serious case of violence against trans women in less than a month. On June 18, the body of Kalyndra Selva was found inside her house, at Ipsep in the south of Recife. On the 24th of the Same Month [Roberta da Silva]() had 40% of her body burned by a teenager at the Center.

Investigations into Crismilly's case were initiated by the Department of Homicide and Personal Protection (DHPP). According to criminal expert Diego Nunes, from the Specialized Group of Expertise in Homicide (GEPH), of the DHPP, the body was found on the banks of the Capibaribe River. "The victim had a gunshot in the hand that deflected and hit her neck. She was wearing denim shorts and shorts, and there was no sign of sexual violence," he said.

According to the family, she had left home, where she lived with her family near the place, at night, saying that she would go to friends' houses.

The hairdresser's cousin, Jennnifer Matos, 25, said she had recently been a victim of transphobia and was hospitalized because she fractured one of her arms. The family believes that the motive was the same. "It was a month ago, in a fight in Várzea as well. They tried to take her life. And the reason for what we know was transphobia. there was always that. that the police investigate and identify the culprits. She was a very dear person," he said.

A teenager was subsequently arrested for her murder. According to police, his only motive was transphobic hatred.

This Monday (26) the Civil Police gave details of the murder of a trans woman in the West Zone of Recife on July 5th. According to delegate Euricélia Nogueira, the teenager who was apprehended for the death of Crismily Pérola, 37 , committed the crime "out of pure hatred". The policewoman said the boy claimed he killed the victim, "because she wanted to be what she wasn't".

"He was upset, because only one shot hit her. Then, he took a shovel and hit the victim more while she was still alive. Not finding it enough, he dragged Crismilly for approximately 20 meters and then threw it into a river. There was no cause. She was at a party and the minor was bothered by her presence," said the delegate.

Crismilly was the third trans woman murdered in Pernambuco in less than a month. On 18th June, the body of Kalyndra Selva was found inside her home in Ipsep in the south of Recife. Her partner was indicted for femicide on Monday 26th July. On 24th June, Roberta da Silva had 40% of her body burned by a teenager on the Santa Rita Pier in downtown Recife while she was sleeping. She died in hospital several days later.,mulher-trans-e-morta-a-tiros-em-recife.html

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