TDoR 2021 / 2021 / June / 30 / Natasha Galvão

Natasha Galvão

Age 26

30 Jun 2021
Londrina, Paraná (Brazil)

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Natasha Galvão
Natasha Galvão [photo:]

Natasha was shot in what appears to have been a revenge killing. Her assailant was later killed by police.

Civil Police investigations indicate that the transsexual Natasha, murdered in Londrina, on the 30th, was killed in revenge. The police station responsible for the case discovered that there was a fight between Natasha and the accused of the shooting, Alexandre Silva, the day before the crime.

There are reports that, on the 29th, Alexandre witnessed a fight between Natasha's friends and another unidentified man on Cape Verde Street. At the time, the group tried to attack Alexandre, for being present at the scene. However, he is said to have left the place after trying to run over Natasha.

On the day of the crime, the accused returned to the scene of the fight, called the [trans woman] Natasha and shot her in the chest, causing her death. Alexandre then made an escape via BR 369. Moments later, he was spotted by the police and ended up dying during an exchange of fire.

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Report added: 4 Jul 2021. Last updated: 12 Nov 2021

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