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Adriana Díaz

28 Jun 2021
Tunja, Boyacá (Colombia)

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Adriana Díaz
Adriana Díaz [photo:]

Adriana was killed by a mob of around 20 taxi drivers after one accused her of trying to rob him. She died while receiving medical attention.

A case of transphobia was registered in Tunja, Boyacá , this Monday, June 28, on International LGBTIQ + Pride Day. Adriana Díaz, a trans woman, was attacked at dawn by a mob.

The case was made known by the Gaat Foundation (Trans Action and Support Group) through its social networks. A video published by the organization shows that around 20 people hit Adriana with sticks and other blunt objects while she lay wounded on the ground.

Police say the victim was accused of allegedly trying to rob a taxi driver, which caused a disproportionate and violent reaction from other drivers. The police statement indicates that, around 5 am this Monday, they received a report about a person who "had taken a taxi service at the height of the old Tunja Transport Terminal" that "was trying to rob a driver of a public service vehicle."

The driver, the police say, "requested support from the drivers union and a taxi driver came to help him."That man "was injured with a sharp weapon" and, presumably, "the current mortal victim was the one who attacked him". Witnesses say that around 30 drivers arrived at the scene, brutally attacking the woman. Activists and authorities agree that nothing justifies the attacks she suffered .

According to the Police, when the officers reached the point of the events, they found Adriana Díaz badly injured after being punched, kicked and beaten with objects. "She had several injuries including trauma to the face and in various parts of the body. All were caused by blunt objects" said Commander Bello, who added that they requested the assistance of an ambulance, but, given the seriousness of her injuries, they decided to transfer the woman in a police vehicle to the Tunja Metropolitan Hospital. Due to the delicate condition presented by Adriana, she was referred to the Hospital San Rafael de Tunja. "When she was receiving medical assistance, she died as a result of her injuries," says Colonel Bello.

However in its complaint, Gaat alleges that Adriana Díaz was not treated in the hospital centers because she was a trans person and her immigration status had not been resolved. "Access to health care for trans people in Colombia is difficult, it is a subject of constant revictimizations. In the same way, with the irregular migrant population," said Andra Hernández, from the Gaat legal team who personally followed up on this case. Neither the Hospital Metropolitano de Tunja nor the Hospital San Rafael de Tunja have commented on the matter.

In March 2022 charges were filed against 3 taxi drivers.

Report added: 4 Jul 2021. Last updated: 8 Oct 2022

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