TDoR 2021 / 2021 / June / 19 / Pompéia Ramos

Pompéia Ramos

Age 26

19 Jun 2021
Presidente Prudente, São Paulo (Brazil)

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Pompéia Ramos
Pompéia Ramos [photo:]

Pompéia's body was found with stab wounds near a stream on the afternoon of Saturday 19th June.

The body of a [trans woman] was found this Saturday afternoon (19) with marks of violence near a stream in Jardim Campo Belo, in Presidente Prudente (SP) . The Civil Police are treating the case as aggravated homicide.

Military police were called. When they arrived at the scene they found the victim half-naked and with several injuries to the head, neck and chest. According to the information in the police report, the wounds appeared to have been caused by a sharp object. However, it was not possible to measure the number of injuries due to the presence of impregnated blood at the site of the injuries.

The Scientific Police was called in to inspect the location and the Civil Police were also in the area to start investigations into the case.

While at the scene, the police had contact with some [LGBT+ people] who knew the victim, but were unable to inform what had actually happened, nor were they able to inform the [trans woman's] civil ID. According to the police report, they told the police the first name of the [trans woman] and that she had come from the State of Santa Catarina to Presidente Prudente.

Subsequently Gabriel Leite Basílio and Luís Henrique Santos - both clients of the victim - were arrested and confessed to her murder.

On Monday (19), the Civil Police arrested two men suspected of having killed a [trans woman] in Presidente Prudente .

The crime was registered on June 19 of this year. The victim was found with multiple injuries to the head, neck and chest caused by a sharp object. On the 21st, some witnesses were heard by the Civil Police.

The delegate responsible for the case, Claudinei Alves, told G1 that the Civil Police had been investigating the murder since the day the murder was registered. The men arrested are 22 and 23 years old.

"We were able to take custody of these men. They were interrogated and confessed to the crime. According to the investigation they were clients of the victim, and on the day of the crime, there was a disagreement about the price of the program and a fight broke out between them. One hit the victim in the face, and she fell," he explained.

Alves also said that the [trans woman] was dragged and taken to close to the stream, where she was killed. "They used a philips screwdriver, which one of them used in the car's ignition," he told G1.,45077,44702,44479,7695152199559.html

Report added: 20 Jun 2021. Last updated: 12 Nov 2021

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