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Josselin Alejandra Hernández

Age 18

17 Jun 2021
San Francisco Menéndez, Ahuachapán (El Salvador)

Josselin Alejandra Hernández
Josselin Alejandra Hernández [photo:]

Josselin died by suicide the day before her 19th birthday.

A transgender woman, identified as [deadname] Hernández and known as 18-year-old Josselin Alejandra, committed suicide in her home, located in the Omar neighborhood of the Puente Arce hamlet, San Francisco Menéndez municipality, Ahuachapán department. The colony is known as los pocitos, near La Hachadura.

According to preliminary reports, on Thursday morning the young [woman's] mother and sister-in-law found her [redacted] in her room but said they were unaware of the causes that led her to [take her own life].

Neighbors were shocked by the news, saying that the young woman was very well known in the area, and describing her as a happy and sociable person. They indicated that Hernández had written farewell statements on WhatsApp during the night of Wednesday and early this Thursday.

“She looked happy, I always saw her status every day, but faces we see, hearts we don't know. We do not know the problems she may have had,” [someone] wrote in a Facebook post. It was also said that it was not the first time that the young woman had attempted to end her life. A year ago she had [attempted suicide twice], but survived both attempts.

Relatives revealed that the young [woman] would haved turned 19 years old tomorrow.

Report added: 20 Jun 2021. Last updated: 4 Jul 2021

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