TDoR 2021 / 2021 / June / 14 / Elizabeth Rondón

Elizabeth Rondón

Age 33

14 Jun 2021
Baruta, Miranda (Venezuela)

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Elizabeth Rondón
Elizabeth Rondón [photo:]

Elizabeth's dismembered body was found on the morning of Monday 14th June. The previous evening she had been verbally and physically assaulted by acquaintances.

The head, hands and arms of a transsexual woman were found in the El Pozo sector of the Santa Cruz del Este neighborhood, Baruta municipality, Miranda state, on the morning of Monday, June 14.

Neighbors alerted the authorities and a commission of scientific police officers approached the site to examine the remains, which were exposed in the middle of the public thoroughfare.

A resident recognized the victim, and indicated that it was [deadname] Rondón - a 33-year-old transgender woman - who sold vegetables in the commercial area of ​​the town. In the Bello Monte morgue, relatives reported that the trans woman had mild [cognitive disabilities], and that "she was constantly beaten for dressing and acting like a woman."

The autopsy revealed that Rondón was beaten to death and presented a detached jaw. "They dismembered her after death," revealed internal sources of the agency.

Relatives told the press that Rondón suffered harassment and was constantly harassed on the street "for wearing women's clothing." Rondón always identified as a transgender woman, she was charismatic, and despite suffering harassment and insults, she shared with people close to her community.

On Sunday night, she was drinking in a home. Several of those present began to push and hit her. Rondón responded to the attacks, but there were more than five people against her. It was reported that Rondón received several blows to the face and passed out at the scene, it was reported.

They later moved her to another area and continued the attack until she was killed. Then they cut off her head, arms and hands.

The scientific police carry out investigations in the victim's family and acquaintances, to find those involved in the crime that, according to civil organizations, is considered a “hate crime”.

Elizabeth was a vegetable seller and reportedly had a mild cognitive disability.

According to information from @ContrapuntoVzla the trans girl murdered in Baruta was 33 years old, was engaged in the sale of vegetables, had mild cognitive disabilities and died as a result of being beaten by 5 assailants. They then dismembered her body.

At least three people are believed to have participated in the murder. Subsequently one of them - Isaac Javier Pozo Hernández, 19, was shot and killed by police.

Cicpc killed an alleged murderer of a transsexual woman in Miranda

Isaac Javier Pozo Hernández (19) was identified as the alleged murderer of the transsexual woman known as Elizabet Rondón. The incident was registered on Monday, June 14, in the El Pozo sector of the Santa Cruz del Este neighborhood, in the Baruta municipality of Miranda state.

According to sources linked to the case, Pozo Hernández was killed when facing officers from the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigations Corps (Cicpc), in a house in the 24 de Julio neighborhood.

At least three people participated in the murder of the 33-year-old trans woman. Among them was one known under the alias of "El Negro," according to the victim's relatives.

Rondón's sister told the press that “The police broke into the house of that man and found stolen objects. The way they killed my [sister] (legally registered as [deadname] Rondón) was a brutal act of revenge, because they thought that she had reported him to the police. ”

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