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Cataleya Martínez Machado

Age 29

8 Jun 2021
El Copey, Cesar (Colombia)

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Cataleya Martínez Machado
Cataleya Martínez Machado [photo:]

Cataleya was stabbed inside her home. The identity of her assailant - or assailants - is unknown.

Unknown persons killed Cataleya Martínez Machado, a trans woman residing on Calle 21 with Carrera 10 in the San Martín neighborhood of the municipality of El Copey, Cesar.

As far as can be established the perpetrators of the crime arrived inside the house where the victim was and caused knife multiple injuries, leaving her without vital signs. They then fled the area to avoid being seen.

The absence of Martínez Machado seemed strange to the residents of the aforementioned sector, who approached the residence and saw the lifeless body lying there. They notified the police line 123, who initiated the corresponding investigations. Upon arrival patrols cordoned off the area so that investigators could then carry out an inspection of the body.

According to the first reports, Cataleya frequented the black highway (Troncal de Oriente), where she apparently worked at night.

"She was seen hours before and after that no more was known until the neighbors found her in this state," explained a source to this media.

According to Caribe Affirmative, including this case there would be seven cases of murder of trans women for a total of 14 Lgbt people.

Report added: 13 Jun 2021. Last updated: 12 Nov 2021

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