TDoR 2021 / 2021 / June / 06 / Name Unknown

Name Unknown

Age 13

6 Jun 2021
Rome, Lazio (Italy)

Name Unknown

The unidentified victim died by suicide after months of being bullied at school because of their gender identity.

On 6 June a 13-year-old gender questioning [teenager] was found lifeless by their mother, who for months had reported to the school that her child was being bullied because of their gender identity. In fact, Noah (invented name) did not seem to live serenely the changes in their body during adolescence, so they decided to cut their hair and use a gender-neutral name.

The mother and her lawyer, who both [misgendered] the child, are convinced that the anxiety and depression that had been diagnosed in Noah were the result of their treatment by friends who, from the moment of Noah's first awareness of their own gender identity, had isolated them and called them [deadname].

In an email sent to the head teacher last November, the woman had expressed her concern. "Unfortunately, even after the class change, the same problems continue to exist - my [child] was targeted by a small group of girls mainly for [their] physicality, an object of derision and chatter that seems to have spread to other classes as well. My [child] is starting to take it out on [themself]. We need your attention and your help, I can't do it aloneā€.

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