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Dayana Cervantez

Age 18 (born 4 Oct 2002)

6 Jun 2021
Tonalá, Jalisco (Mexico)
Raped, shot and mutilated

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Dayana Cervantez
Dayana Cervantez [photo:]

Dayana's body was found with signs of extreme violence after she went missing on the way back from working at a bar.

Dayana, a transgender woman, was murdered on June 6 in the municipality of Tonalá, Jalisco. For more than a month, the State Prosecutor's Office has not provided [Dayana's relatives] with any information.

The organization Unión Diversa de Jalisco (UDJ) indicated that the authorities have not given any information to Dayana's relatives, violating the human rights of the indirect victims. In addition, the UDJ demands that Dayana's murder be investigated under the feminicide protocol, with a gender and sexual diversity perspective.

Dayana's relatives learned that she had been murdered through the journalists' notes that became known, in some of them, the information was distorted by saying that the victim was a man dressed as a woman, when in fact she was a trans woman who was in the process of transitioning

The UDJ demands that the “state of Jalisco follow the investigation under the protocol of femicide, with a gender and sexual diversity perspective, and provide information and progress of the investigation to the victim's family”.

Dayana's brother identitified her body in Semefo, where he saw that her body had gunshot wounds as well as various signs of violence and hatred. She had been raped, castrated and had multiple wounds on her legs.

A suspect was arrested on 18th August 2021, and in January 2023 he was convicted and sentenced to 32 years in prison.

A control judge established a sentence of 32 years in prison for the crime of femicide against Luis Andrés Z, after evidence provided by the Specialized Unit for the Attention of Crimes due to Sexual Diversity of the Jalisco State Prosecutor's Office.

The justice authorities established the crime of femicide after their investigation determined that "the crime was committed for reasons of gender, misogyny, with indications of humiliation and denigration."

According to Unión Diversa de Jalisco (UDJ), an organization that accompanied Dayana's family, "this case evidenced misogyny, machismo, transphobia, excessive hatred."

In addition to the sentence, the control judge issued a fine of 489,325 pesos and measures to repair the damage. "With this resolution, justice was made effective for the victims, direct and indirect," the Prosecutor's Office stated in its statement.

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Report added: 19 Jul 2021. Last updated: 6 Mar 2023

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