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Gloria Florencia Álvez Mariño

Age 78

30 May 2021
Montevideo (Uruguay)

Gloria Florencia Álvez Mariño
Gloria Florencia Álvez Mariño [photo:]

Gloria died from COVID-19. She had been an activist for over 30 years and was directly involved in the creation of laws to protect LGBT+ people, sex workers and women.

Gloria Álvez passed away on Sunday, May 30 at the age of 78. With more than 30 years of activism for the rights of transgender people and the LGBTI community, she left an indelible legacy for new generations: the creation of the Sex Work Law (17.515), the Right to Gender Identity Law Violence:Lorrane de Souza (Petrolina - 19 Aug 2021)(18,620) and, more recently, the Comprehensive Law for Trans Persons (19,684). As a result of her participation in the design of these laws, for her tireless activism for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and her battle against the sexual exploitation of girls, boys and adolescents she was recognized nationally and internationally.

In 1990 Gloria founded the first trans collective in the country, whose name was the Transvestite Coordination Board, currently called the Uruguayan Trans Association (ATRU). She was its president and then its secretary. In recent years, she has also worked as the Uruguayan coordinator of the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Trans People (Redlactrans).

Gloria was a survivor. She went through the Children's Council in Salto, where she suffered abuse and mistreatment, was also confined in the Salto hospital and, during the dictatorship and post-dictatorship, resisted the confinement and torture imparted by police and military to trans people, called by they "passive pedophiles." In 1954, she served as a "guinea pig" for the doctors who applied the so-called "sexual conversion therapy", which consisted of giving electric shocks, recalled the Frente Amplio deputy Ana Olivera, who paid tribute to her in Parliament on Wednesday.

Posthumous tribute to our colleague and leader Trans Gloria Alvarez, by the House of Representatives of Uruguay.

Glory your legacy will endure forever.

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