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Ilás Gama Nunes Andrade

24 May 2021
Breves, Pará (Brazil)

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Ilás Gama Nunes Andrade

Ilás was stabbed in the early hours of Monday 24th May.

The edge of the city of Breves (Beira rio) during the early morning hours is seen as a place of prostitution, sale and consumption of drugs. It was in this scenario that the [trans woman] popularly known as Ilás was stabbed to death. The crime took place during the dawn of this May 24th, our team arrived at the scene together with the military police, who soon obtained details about the murder of the [trans person].

“We arrived at the scene as soon as we received the information and found that the body belonged to Ilás, known here on the edge, but we still know very little. We will try to speak with more witnesses to get the details we need about the case, but so far, we have not identified anyone ”said 9th BPM sergeant Costa I.

The victim had police records for theft and drug trafficking, according to information from witnesses, Ilás, may have been killed due to reckoning or a fight over drugs. Security cameras in the area may help police to identify who killed the victim.

Fabrício Nunes was subsequently arrested. He was found in possession of a knife which was probably used in the crime.

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