TDoR 2021 / 2021 / May / 10 / Reyna Fernandez Villanueva ("Reira Saga")

Reyna Fernandez Villanueva ("Reira Saga")

Age 27

10 May 2021
Nauta, Loreto (Peru)

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Reyna Fernandez Villanueva ("Reira Saga")
Reyna Fernandez Villanueva ("Reira Saga") [photo:]

Reyna was stabbed in the store where she worked.

Red Trans de Loreto, repudiates the murder of a [trans woman] in the city of Nauta. It classifies the savage act as a hate crime and orders the authorities that administer justice to punish the murderer, in the shortest possible time, with the full weight of the law. It also ensures that this murder confirms the intolerance of this society towards LGBTI populations.

At dawn on May 10, the murder of 27-year-old [deadname] Fernández Villanueva, known in trans society by the name of Reina, was reported. The act of blood occurred inside the company "Multiservicios Favicel", located in the La Casona shopping center, in the center of the city of Nauta.

The police authorities together with the representatives of the Public Ministry of the jurisdiction, showed that the body of the young trans woman was cruelly stabbed which led to her death.

Carol Carlobi Ríos - President of the Trans Network of Loreto, representing her organization, was outraged by the cruel murder of Reina for what she classifies as a hate crime. "... from the network after we want to express our total repudiation, we demand that the person or persons responsible for such a deplorable act be investigated in a free manner and punished.

Likewise, Carlobi did not hesitate to accuse that this murder could be a reflection of the type of society in which we live. "... one more trans death and this can attest once again to the hatred or cruelty towards trans people."

Finally, Carol urged the media to respect gender identity. "... Reina's death, at the hands of an intolerant murderer, also makes it clear to us that we are victims of femicide and the state does not want to see it as such." (Patrick López)

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