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Cielo de Lucca

Age 20-22

10 May 2021
La Plata, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

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Cielo de Lucca
Cielo de Lucca [photo:]

Cielo was killed along with her cisgender neighbour Florencia Sandoval by Florencia's police officer boyfriend following an argument. He subsequently shot himself.

In a case that occurred this afternoon in the town of Los Hornos in La Plata, a 23-year-old Buenos Aires Police officer murdered his partner, a young woman of the same age, in a femicide, along with a 22 [other sources say 20]-year-old trans woman and then shot himself in the head, leaving himself in critical condition. He died a few hours later.

The violent sequence began around 2:30 p.m. in 164 between 62 and 63 when a call to 911 indicated that detonations of firearms had been heard. Troops from the La Plata Patrol Command and Third Police Station went to the scene and immediately noticed the presence of the body of a young woman lying on the street and that of a trans woman in a corridor. An ambulance arrived at the scene and the doctors found that both people no longer showed vital signs.

Neighbors gave clues about the attacker, who had fled the scene in a white Volkswagen Gol car. In an operation, the police located the suspect and there was a chase up to 166 between 59 and 60. In that direction the alleged aggressor got out of the car, showed a firearm to the police and went into a residence. Minutes later a detonation was heard and upon entering the uniformed men they found the young man with a shot to the head, after which he was rushed to the San Martín Hospital.

Initial investigations confirmed that the shooting was a femicide and that the young trans woman was shot when she went to see what happened. The policeman was identified as Juan Ignacio Soto, who served in the UTOI, Florencia Sandoval (23) and Cielo de Lucca (22).

Soto was reportedly violent and Cielo had defended Florencia from him before.

The day of her violent death was not the first time that Cielo defended her neighbor. The two had made very good friends during the four months in which they shared land, by dividing, in 164 between 62 and 63.

The young trans woman moved to one of the three apartments that are rented on the property with her sister, but she left shortly after and the costs of the rent were left for a single person. José María (58), owner of the place, said that the deceased's idea was to leave. That's where she was when she was killed.

Agostina asserted that “that violent son of a bitch (by Juan Ignacio Soto) attacked her more than once and Cielo defended her. She told me that he would not leave them alone and from then on the chabón took hold of him and was suspicious”. To such an extent that the last time the sex workers saw each other "was on the street, a month ago, and it was there that she told me what was happening and showed that she was all hurt," he remarked.

“She died doing what she loved, defending and helping those in need. I can assure you that she was a person without evil, honest and very sociable.”

Report added: 14 May 2021. Last updated: 12 Nov 2021

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