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Whispering Wind Bear Spirit

Age 41

3 May 2021
York, Pennsylvania (USA)

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Whispering Wind Bear Spirit
Whispering Wind Bear Spirit [photo:]

Whispering Wind Bear Spirit was shot during an attempted robbery at their home.

Gender nonbinary trans person Whispering Wind Bear Spirit, 41, was shot at their home in York Pa Monday, May 3rd, 2021. Oscar Cook, 19, was charged with their murder while allegedly trying to rob residents at the same address.

Whispering Wind Bear Spirit, 41, died of a single gunshot wound sustained during an attempted robbery of the residence, police say. The incident occurred around 11:25 p.m. Bear Spirit was transported to a local hospital, where they died during emergency surgery at 1:15 a.m. on May 4, according to WPMT fox43

Cook and two other known suspects, whom police did not identify in the criminal complaint, were seen approaching the front door of the residence at about 11:18 p.m., police say. One of the other suspects was in possession of a firearm, according to police.

Cook and the other suspects then forced their way into the home. One of the suspects began physically assaulting the male resident while the second ordered everyone else to stay back while pointing the firearm at them, according to police. Bear Spirit was shot once in the torso while attempting to defend the home and get the other suspects to leave, according to police. After they were shot, the two known suspects fled on foot, police say.

Whispering Wind described themself on Facebook as “Shawnee by birth and Potawatomi by relations". Their Facebook profile is

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