TDoR 2021 / 2021 / April / 19 / Juliana Santos

Juliana Santos

Age 22

19 Apr 2021
Porto Vehlo, Rondônia (Brazil)
Cosmetic filler complications

Juliana Santos
Juliana Santos [photo:]

Juliana suffered a cardiac arrest during a clandestine cosmetic surgery procedure in a residence.

A [trans woman] identified as 23-year-old Juliana died on Monday night (19/04) after a clandestine application of hydrogel. The victim's registration name was [deadname] and the case occurred in Bairro Socialista, in the east of Porto Velho.

According to witnesses, the victim hired another [trans woman] for R $ 1,000.00 to do the application at her home, but after the application of hydrogel to the buttocks Juliana became ill and suffered a cardiac arrest.

According to the Military Police the victim had a chronic illness.

Juliana died as a result. The [trans woman] responsible for the non-culpable (since there was no intention to kill) homicide was caught in the act and her material was seized.

Juliana's mother reportedly informed the police that her daughter had been HIV-positive since she was 15 years old, and that she was ill with pneumonia but had not told anyone.

Juliana's Facebook profile is,68167.shtml,101601.shtml

Report added: 24 Apr 2021

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