TDoR 2021 / 2021 / April / 11 / Sofía Micaela Catán ("Mica")

Sofía Micaela Catán ("Mica")

Age 24

11 Apr 2021
Santiago del Estero (Argentina)

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Sofía Micaela Catán ("Mica")
Sofía Micaela Catán ("Mica") [photo:]

Sofia died from cardiorespiratory arrest a week after being hospitalised with serious burns on 3rd April - reportedly after an argument with her partner. He fled the scene.

SANTIAGO DEL ESTERO - Sofía Micaela Catán, the young trans woman who had been hospitalized for a week with burns on 50% of her body, died yesterday morning after an argument with her partner. The 24-year-old had been admitted last Saturday night. While neighbors helped her, her partner abandoned her. He took her documents and the money she had collected. Although friends and relatives of the victim speak of a transfemicide, the investigation is under the charge of prosecutor Celia Mussi.

That night, Micaela arrived at the Regional Hospital guard in the company of a neighbor, who helped her by hearing her desperate screams. She had been admitted with serious burns on her body, which she suffered when she was with her partner in the house they shared on Quinto Pasaje, in the Santa Rosa de Lima neighborhood.

Soledad Catán, the victim's sister, stated that Micaela has very serious injuries “on her face, hair, all over her torso and legs. "In the latter part of 12 (around noon on Sunday) they told us that they had intubated her and that her lungs were compromised by the smoke she inhaled."

According to Soledad, her sister lived with her partner - for them, the author of the injuries - for ten years. They were currently living in a place that she had lent them, since the young woman could not afford to continue paying the rent where they were.

Sofia's Facebook profile is

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