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Vida Bruno

Age 44

6 Apr 2021
Salvador, Bahia (Brazil)

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Vida Bruno
Vida Bruno [photo:]

Vida died in hospital on 6th April - allegedly as a result of head injuries sustained during an attack in a restaurant the previous November.

Family members of the Coordinator of Policies and Promotion of LGBT Citizenship of the Municipality of Salvador, Vida Bruno, are going to call on the Public Ministry to reopen the investigation against the owners of the restaurant Cervantes, in the capital of Bahia, due to an episode of aggression reported by him before of his death.

Vida Bruno passed away at the age of 44 on Tuesday (6), after two months in the Teresa de Lisieux Hospital. According to administrator Elton Bruno Vida, 39, his brother was the victim of complications from a head trauma suffered inside the restaurant. "He was beaten up inside. The reason for his death was transphobia and racism," accused Elton, referring to the fact that his brother is black and a trans man.

According to his brother, Vida Bruno had to undergo surgery to remove a brain clot diagnosed in the imaging tests he did shortly after the episode, but which he hid from his family for almost two months. "We only found out when he was admitted, after fainting and complaining of headaches," reports Elton.

The aggression Elton refers to occurred on November 29, 2020, when Vida Bruno was alone at the Cervantes restaurant. He ordered a bottle of water and a starter of mussels, became sick and asked a waitress for help. From there, the story takes on completely different versions.

Bruno claimed that the owner of the restaurant said that he could not be ill there and ordered his withdrawal. As he was unable to walk, he was reportedly beaten with a blow to the head and dragged to the door with the help of "two strong men". Outside the establishment, the aggressions continued - including repeatedly banging his head against the floor.

At the time, Bruno reported to G1 that he was knocked out for a few seconds after receiving a rear naked choke. "When I came to, I asked to be released, said that I was a worker, that I worked in the city hall, but, even so, the other man came, caught me by the legs and threw me in the street", he said.

When the owner realized it was a trans man, he opened his shirt and exposed his breasts saying: 'This is not a man! This is a black bitch. "

Vitor Viana, the lawyer for the restaurant, says that Vida Bruno had a seizure with bleeding from the nose and was immediately rescued by Cervantes employees and by two doctors who were at the scene. Disoriented, he left the establishment kicking the furniture and refused to be helped by Samu.

The family, however, says he had no history of a seizure. "What happened was food poisoning, and this does not cause a seizure, a state of mental disorientation. Much less the picture of aggression reported by their lawyer," counters Elton.

Vida was a historian and the coordinator of Policies and Promotion of LGBTI + Citizenship for the City of Salvador. He had actively fought for human rights, and was one of the founders of the LGBT Reference Center.

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