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Débora Loven Stayne

Age 44 (born 21 Jan 1977)

29 Mar 2021
Barbalha, Ceará (Brazil)
Run over

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Débora Loven Stayne
Débora Loven Stayne [photo:]

Débora was run over - allegedly during an attempted robbery in which she was the perpetrator.

Débora Loven Stayne was run over by a man who tried to prevent her from assaulting a woman in the municipality, according to information released in a note by the Civil Police of Ceará

The former president of the Ceará Transvestite Union (UTC), Débora Loven Stayne, 44, died on Monday afternoon, 29, in Barbalha, a municipality located in Cariri. Débora was a candidate for councilor in Juazeiro do Norte by the Social Democratic Party (PSD) in 2020.

In a statement, the Civil Police said she is suspected of attempting to assault a woman on a city street. A man who was driving a car at the scene, saw the situation and ran over Deborah as a way to prevent the assault, causing death. The medical service was called, but she ended up dying at the scene.

A compressed air gun, knife and sickle were seized with Débora, who had a criminal record for personal injury. An investigation was launched to investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident. The man responsible for the hit-and-run has already appeared at the Barbalha Municipal Police Station and investigations are ongoing.

Débora's Facebook profile is

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