TDoR 2021 / 2021 / March / 22 / Name Unknown

Name Unknown

Age 49

22 Mar 2021
São Paulo (Brazil)

Name Unknown

The victim is reported to have died by suicide. Coletivo Arouchianos reported her death on 22nd March but the exact date and circumstances of her death are unknown.


We just received confirmation that a transvestite who was assisted by Arouchianos committed suicide here in São Paulo. She left a letter, saying that she had no hope left and that as a 49 year old, HIV virus carrier, with high blood pressure, she couldn't work on the street, was very sad and alone, with a family who wouldn't accept her and therefore could not pay her rent, said that she had used all of her savings and that she didn't want to reach the end of her life on the street.

We offered psychological help to her through our network, our coordinator general took baskets to her house, we paid a month's rent for her in 2020, we were in contact with her, but since the first half of February, she didn't receive, or answer more attempts... unfortunately she committed suicide.

The last time we got to talk to her in January she thanked us for another basket as she had nothing in the fridge and closet to eat.


'' I know how hard it is to resist these pains and evils that make us sad enough to try against life itself, I did this 3 times in my teens", said our General Coordinator Helcio Beuclair.

'' I'm working, dedicating my life to try to soften these pains. This is why I beg you, don't give up on your lives. There are thousands of serious people, who keep the Self away from themselves to work for real for the collective, working for all of us '' complements Helcio Beuclair.

This pain and difficulty she experienced is shared by many LGBTQIAPD people +, and we are trying to soften this suffering. After all, we are the ones who, together with few other people, can reach this front.

And stay here too, the CVV (Life Valuation Center) number, for those moments when you can't find a way out, call: 144.

Observation: We have not disclosed her name and photo because her family did not authorize this.

Source: Coletivo Arouchianos via Observatório Trans

Report added: 28 Mar 2021

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