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Luana Katrina

20 Mar 2021

Luana Katrina
Luana Katrina [photo:]

Luana reportedly died by suicide on or shortly before Saturday 20th March. Her last public Facebook post was on 9th March.

Note that the location where she died is not known.

With life I learned that there are no easy goodbyes, but of all, the one that hurts the most is the one where we know we will never find the person we say goodbye to again.

Today I say goodbye to you, my friend, my sister because smp I told you that you and my sister were raised together because you left forever and together took a big piece of my heart. Goodbye my friend! How it hurts to accept this farewell, how it hurts to imagine what tomorrow will be like without having you around.

But even though you're no longer among us, you'll be with me eternally, through all the memories I've built by your side, and this longing that I'll forever feel for you. Rest in peace my love. God will take care of her, take care of us there my love. Como Doi Doi Muito, Luana Katrina. Another little star in the sky.

Luana's Facebook profile is

Report added: 24 Apr 2021

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